Searching for the sales on Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday offers shoppers easy access to some of the best deals of the year

Story by Matt Prieskorn, sports editor

For years, Black Friday has been the dominate force that companies have used to attract people to the storefront. Extreme sales have caused people to camp out and line the stores hours before opening time. Throughout the day, desperation to get the best deals has created fights and other ordeals that seem to take away from the Thanksgiving spirit.

However, as technology becomes more and more influential, Cyber Monday sales have grown insurmountably, and more people start to stay in their PJs and get on the computer instead of risking a black eye during the weekend.

This year, Cyber Monday is expected to be the biggest shopping day of the year with shoppers spending up to 6.6 billions dollars compared to just 5 billion on Black Friday. Since the phenomenon started in 2005, spending on Cyber Monday has increased by over 100 percent. As Black Friday sales continue to fall, Cyber Monday rises to the most prominent (and relaxing) shopping day of the year.

In order to score the most promising deals, here are a few tips and tricks to guide the online user:

  • Start checking the web on Saturday or Sunday as most of the stores post their special deals earlier than Monday.
  • Make sure to check your store of choice periodically as many new deals continue to pop up throughout the day.
  • Create alerts on your phone. Shopping on your phone has become much simpler and having alerts will keep you aware of all the new deals of the day.
  • Always be looking for extra online coupons that stores offer as well. These coupons will get you an even better deal on your purchase.

Here are some of the most attractive sales that stores seem to be offering:

Amazon– Amazon always seems to be having the best deals every year, with some of the latest technology at over 65 percent off.

Gap– Gap offers the online users a 50 percent off coupon with additional 10 percent off stackable coupons as well.

Foot Locker– For all the shoe lovers in this world, Foot Locker is offering every shoe in the store at 20 percent off.

Target– If you missed Black Friday, no need to fear. On Monday, all of Target will be 15 percent off sitewide.

J. Crew– Looking for the latest trendy clothes? J. Crew will be offering most of their online site at 60 percent off.

Walmart– Walmart does not offer a consistent deal throughout their store, but they are confident they will have the best sales as they give the online users a comparison tool that compares their deals with other companies’ deals.

Oakley– Oakley is offering their entire online store at 50 percent off, a hard deal to pass up.

Forever 21– Every product on their online site is 21 percent off.

GameStop– GameStop is offering $50 off of the new Xbox and PlayStation and also free shipping for any purchase over $30.

American Eagle– Everything online will be 40 percent off plus free shipping.

So with these deals in mind, plus the comfort of shopping right from home, open a new tab and get to shopping.