There have been stranger things


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Story by Misty Lopez, feature editor

“Stranger Things” is a chilling American show which released its second season Oct. 27. The new season features nine episodes and four new characters: Dacre Montgomery, Sadie Sink, Paul Reiser, and Sean Astin. These additions help create an unforgettable follow-up to the hit show along with its original actors. This year’s show release is generated from action, horror, suspense and emotional scenes that will leave you in a fit of tears.

If you have witnessed the first season, you would know that every surprise could seem somewhat predictable. As for the second season, every moment creates a sense of suspension that will keep the viewer on the edge of their seat. Not to say that the first season wasn’t show-stopping, but the second season is definitely better because of the intensity and spectacular acting.

The first episode opens up with an unknown girl in a robbery chase with her accomplices. We know nothing of these people until we see the girl use incredulous powers, like the character Eleven had in the first season with the signature mark of a nose bleed. This character would soon be known as Eleven’s “lost sister,” and together they are unstoppable. Further analyzing these girls, I could tell that they felt as if they had no place in the world. Eleven’s sister relied on murder and revenge to seal the wounds from her past, which she tried to implement in Eleven as well.

The show’s main conflict, however, is Will, the young boy, who in season one was abducted and lost in the Upside Down. When finding him everyone seemed at peace, but that all changed when Will began to experience episodes and feelings that related back to his frightening past. He seems to be followed by this figure that he calls “shadow,” which he conveys in his artwork on multiple occasions and talks about often. By following his mother’s new boyfriend’s advice on standing up against what scares him, the monster processes Will, making Will feel what he feels, and changes everything for the show.

Will soon somewhat transforms into the monster spiritually. It becomes the job for his mother, Hopper, Mike, Eleven and the rest of the gang to save him and the world from these hideous creatures.

Following these characters through this journey was unexplainable. The actors were fantastic, and the scenes were top quality. The soundtrack included some beautiful music to fit the tone of the show as well. There was the right amount of humor as well as seriousness, which is very significant to have in a series like this. The 80’s vibe also gives it a unique touch.

As for the abundant amount of pros, there were very little cons. There should have been an explanation as to why Will was the chosen one, and how Eleven and her sister got their powers. Apart from that, the show was well balanced and there should be a third season.

“Stranger Things” is one of the best series that has released on Netflix, and is worth the late night binge watching. If you liked the first season, you will love the second. The cast and the directors earn applause for making this show possible.