How to win at ‘Secret Santa’

Story by Molly Kyles, staff writer

Secret Santa, a fun holiday tradition of surprising another person with an anonymous gift, can be a nightmare to many. The stress of picking out the perfect gift, especially if you don’t know them too well, can simply be too much. So, to avoid having a mental breakdown this Christmas, here are some steps and a quiz to help you be the best Secret Santa of all time.

STEP 1: List person’s interests
Make a list of what the person’s interests are. Favorite bands, sports teams and TV shows are all good places to look for inspiration. If you don’t know what they are interested in, social media can be extremely helpful in finding out more about that person.

STEP 2: Narrow down your options
Once you have decided on one of their interests, narrow down what you could possibly do that relates to that.

STEP 3: Keep it a secret
The key factor in winning Secret Santa is keeping it a secret, of course. If the person you are getting a gift for starts to get suspicious, feel free to lie to them to throw them off for a while. Don’t worry — Santa will forgive you.

STEP 4: Have fun with it
Don’t stress too much if your original idea doesn’t work out. Be open to change. Secret Santa should be a fun and joyful event this holiday season.

Quiz: What’s the Perfect Gift for Your Secret Santa?

  1. Which of these do they participate in?
    a. Basketball, volleyball, football, cheer
    b. UIL, AP classes, STUCO, band
    c. HighSteppers, Yearbook
    d. Theater, Art, Newspaper
  2. What’s their idea of a perfect weekend?
    a. Hiking, sports or camping
    b. Reading, writing or studying
    c. Hanging out with their friends
    d. Painting or playing an instrument
  3. Which word best describes them?
    a. Adventurous
    b. Smart
    c. Fun-loving
    d. Creative
  4. What kind of music do they listen to?
    a. Rap or Rock
    b. All kinds of music
    c. Pop
    d. Indie
  5. Their favorite social media?
    a. Vine (when it was alive)
    b. Facebook or Instagram
    c. Snapchat and Netflix
    d. Twitter and Youtube

If you got mostly A’s: Your Secret Santa partner is always on the go, so get them a practical gift they can use on the daily! They’ll appreciate something that’ll make their life easier and proves you know their interests. A few ideas are:

  • A personalized water bottle
  • Wallet or bag
  • Portable charger
  • A cute mug
  • Phone case ( has cute, cheap phone cases!)
  • A great place to find items on this list is Etsy

If you got mostly B’s: Your Secret Santa partner is always on the grind! They work hard in school and always seem stressed! Get them some relaxing or playful gifts to give them a break this Christmas! Examples are:

  • Face masks
  • Stress-relief tea
  • A good book
  • A 2018 planner
  • Soaps and lotions
  • Most of these items are found at Lush or in your local Target.

If you got mostly C’s: Your Secret Santa partner loves fun and their friends! You should get them a gift they can enjoy with their friends, or something colorful and bright to match their personality. A few ideas are:

  • Candy
  • Gift cards to places like Chick-fil-a, Cinemark or their favorite restaurant
  • Christmas ornament
  • Movies
  • Colorful socks
  • These gifts are easily found at Target 

If you got mostly D’s: Your Secret Santa partner is super creative. They have a big imagination, and you should get them a gift that will reflect that. Some ideas are:

  • Paints or markers
  • A journal or sketchbook
  • A handmade gift — this can be a drawing or a painting made just for them.
  • Scented candles
  • A gardening kit
  • Micheals is the perfect place to find these presents.