‘I’m not racist’

Music video addresses stereotypes


photo courtesy of youtube.com

Story by Savannah Downs, staff writer

Even though we have freedom in America, we are still divided. We are divided by stereotypes, color, looks and more. Not just in America, but in the entire world. We all want this freedom, yet we are the reason for this division.

A music video for a song titled “I’m Not Racist” was released by rapper Joyner Lucas. However, the song is not what it seems. The title echoes what everyone says: I’m not racist. The video starts out with a white man wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat sitting at a table with a black man.

Lucas gives us the two sides of the story– the perspective of the white man and that of the black man.

In the beginning, the white man states every single stereotype for the other side. Stereotypes such as, “I see a black man aimin’ his gun, but I’d rather see a black man claiming his son,” and, “food stamps for your children, but you’re still tryna sell ‘em for some weed and some liquor or a babysitter.”

With this, Lucas hits deep with overused racist remarks that most people think about. However, people don’t realize that this resonates with everyone. We don’t catch ourselves thinking about these hard-hitting stereotypes. While attending high school, stereotypes are a relevant issue due to the fact that we all have to work collaboratively at some point. Therefore, we do not need to focus on our differences, but instead focus on the school work.

Lucas gives us the two sides of the story– the perspective of the white man and that of the black man.

— Downs

Lucas’ video creates such an uncomfortable situation in order to force us into the realization that racism is the current problem in America. While everyone claims they’re not racist, they truly know that in the back of their minds, they still judge every person that isn’t the same skin color.

About halfway through the video, the perspective changes to the black man sitting at the other side of the table. He defends himself in a way that forces us to realize that we need to consider all of these facts before we judge others, saying to the white man, “You think you know everything, but you don’t. You wanna copy our slang and everything we know.”

At this point in time, there are an abundance of issues plaguing us, such as war, violence, sexual abuse and more. Why is it then that a majority of focus and energy goes into judging others? Why can’t we rid ourselves of these closed-minded ideals and focus on other matters? Lucas created this video to force others to think about these answers. Everyone needs this video. Not just America, but everyone.