Cold blooded or cold steel?

Is creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, a lizard or a robot?


Facebook creator, Mark Zuckerberg, has been under fire lately for releasing personal information.

Story by Grey Johnson, entertainment editor

Who runs the world? Lizards. I know that Beyonce says otherwise, but the truth is there. They are in government and they are trying to rule humans. But, the only as bad as a lizard hiding manipulating mankind is a robot that is disguising themself as a person. Both are terrifying which is why we must identify who is who. One candidate is the owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg.

In 2018, Zuckerberg has come under a lot of fire from media for the release of people’s personal information. The court testimonies has brought a new revelation to light. What if Zuckerberg isn’t who he says he is? To determine which one he is, we must first be educated on both teams; team reptilian and team robot.

Who are the lizards?

English author and sports commentator David Icke knows about reptilians and is very outspoken about his beliefs. His take on the scenario in an interview is interesting. It all started at the beginning when ancient cultures described inhuman entities that have influenced and controlled the human population through unseen methods.

Some leaders have no qualifications to be in the positions they are in other than who their parents were.”

— Grey Johnson

These methods go unseen because, similar to radios and television, humans see things on a certain frequency. There are some interactions that can occur between the two frequencies; this attributes to paranormal activity.

Even though they are on different frequencies, they have representatives that dwell in our frequency. This explains the existence of royalty bloodlines. The bloodlines are part reptilian and part human. This makes no sense unless there is some other reason for them to be in power and that reason is to manipulate us.

However, the reptilian hybrids slowly lost their obvious positions of power as governments like monarchies started to dissipate. Then, they shifted their focus to politics and economic positions of power. By doing so, they’ve been able to preserve their control over humanity. This could certainly be the case for Zuckerberg since he in is such a position of power being the head of Facebook. His media site might allow him just what he needs to prevail over the human race.

But, who are the robots?

Robots aren’t controlling the world. In fact, we control them, or at least the ones we are told about. Ever since electricity was created, new machines have have been created to work for us, whether they are vending machines or robots that manufacture goods. Despite the vastly different purposes, these machines need programming to work. That’s where we come in.

Humans have programmed robots to do many different things, but one thing that many Americans are excited about is the idea of programming an artificial intelligence, or otherwise known as an AI. Along with being excited, many Americans also fear the idea of an AI so intelligent that it can rule the world; the idea is very prevalent in our culture. The Terminator movies, “2001: A Space Odyssey” and “WALL-E” all include an AI that goes rogue on humanity and attempts to control mankind. With the possibilities being so great for an AI, we have a right to fear them.

This is where Facebook comes in. Facebook has a team that is dedicated to advancing the field of machine intelligence called Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research, or FAIR. In 2017, Yann LeCun, the Director of AI Research at Facebook, responded to the media’s reaction of Facebook’s chat bots by assuring us that their AI was just to monitor media potential. But, communication would be key for a robot invasion. Not only that, but if Zuckerberg is indeed a robot, he would need a co-conspirator, and said conspirator might be in the making as we speak.


It is not clear which Zuckerberg is; there’s a likely chance that he is neither. However, just like the idea of another species of intelligent life existing somewhere amongst the cosmos, the idea is fun to think about and has a possibility of being true.