Fortnite’s Victory Royale over the internet

How this gaming trend trend will not just fade away


photo from Creative Commons

Story by Jackson Cheney, staff writer

September 2017 changed gaming across all platforms. Fortnite Battle Royale, one of the biggest viral trends right now, took over social media and gaming across the world. Unlike many of the viral phenomenons that come and go, Fortnite is not going to fade away.

After only two weeks of the Battle Royale mode being released, the game already grossed over 10 million players. All ages play the game, from elementary kids to adults. Its mass appeal to the public will keep its relevance.

“The key to success is that the game is easy to play, difficult to master,'” managing director at Wedbush Securities Michael Pachter said. “It’s fast-paced and easy to get into a new match when your character is killed, so even bad players can have a good time for as long as they wish to play.”

One big driving factor to keep people playing is Fortnite’s season system. Each season is 68 to 70 days long, each with its own theme of skins. Completing challenges, playing the game and spending money is the only way to earn these various add-ons. The game requires a lot of play time to achieve these things, so people will play it as long as new skins and items are being added.

Along with the three original game modes, solo, duo and squad, new modes are added every so often. New spins on the game like Snipers Only, 50 vs. 50, Explosives Only and the most current, a Thanos game mode that  make players eager to try the new additions.

Lastly, the game is free to play. A free game with a large following and great replayability will only continue to grow and keep its relevance. Over 45 million people play this game now, including celebrities such as Drake and Travis Scott.

The Fortnite wave will continue to roll on, with 45 million people riding behind it. With new updates coming weekly, new game modes to try and grinding until the famed level 100, its fan base will only continue to grow.