Yeezy Season

Kanye West is officially back

photo from Creative Commons

photo from Creative Commons

Story by Nick Mitchell, staff writer

I’m gonna let you finish but, Kanye West is back in the building.

On April 13, 2018, music and fashion phenom Kanye West made his return to the known world. After being closed off from Twitter and social media, West was welcomed back to Twitter by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. Since his return, Kanye has made waves in music, media, and politics with his remarks and wise words.

Kanye West began his sporadic tweet rampage with many pictures of his Yeezy fashion line, along with remarks about his Saint Pablo tour. Many photos he posted only drew minimal critical attention, such as prototypes to unreleased shoes. A photo of his Yeezy slides that looked very similar to a badly cut piece of plastic became an internet meme.

Initially, West made the most waves with a major announcement: two new albums. Most fans were incredibly excited to hear this news, as West has not released anything since 2017’s “The Life of Pablo.”

West kept the excitement going by teasing fans with a clip from a song named “Lift Yourself,” a gospel chorus over an exuberantly upbeat tempo. Unexpectedly, West dropped a song named “Ye vs The People” with rapper T.I as “the people” on April 29. While the former was a politically charged song of West voicing his political opinions and his support of incumbent President Donald Trump, the latter was merely a good beat with West saying “scoopity scoop, poopity scoop” for about a minute. While “Lift Yourself” may be a mere troll, the song still reached 105 on the Billboard charts.

West also teased a song with fellow artists Lil Uzi Vert and Travis Scott named “Watch.” The song was released on May 4 and was praised by critics, especially for West’s matured lyrics and flow.

Nonetheless, since this is West we’re talking about, of course there is controversy. West hit followers with his typical philosophical thoughts after his fashion posts and has done so since returning to Twitter. West voiced his support for far-right wing thinker Candace Owens.

The short tweet got the point across, and many of West’s followers were upset with his support of a Republican. The pinnacle of his criticism came when West made his remarks about President Trump. West met with the President at Trump Tower back in 2016, and recently posted a picture of himself in a “Make America Great Again” hat after making an upstanding remark about Trump.

West then posted a photo of his signed “Make America Great Again” hat, which garnered a positive response from Trump himself. West also claimed slavery was a choice in an interview with Charlemagne. This has given him lots of negative media attention but fans still seem to back Kanye endlessly.

Despite his remarks, West was backed by his protege Chance the Rapper for voicing his opinion, along with tons of fans. No matter what he says or what controversy he causes, Kanye West is back, and he is here to stay.