A taste for “insatiable”

Netflix show faces controversy



Debby Ryan stars as Patty in the new Netflix show. The show aired on August 10.

Story by Joseph Asher, staff writer

She’s caught once again staring in the mirror, tears come pouring down as what she sees is nothing but disappointment in her eyes.

Netflix came out with a new series this August, “Insatiable”, a show centered around the recently obese girl.

Patty Bladell, the leading character, is introduced to us as an “overweight” teen battling the many bullies of high school while also fighting herself over her body image.

The Netflix show tried to approach the topic in what many saw as a new perspective. It was more of a satirical piece than a serious one. Yet, the topic that the show was based around was not one to be taken lightly.

The problem with obesity is reaching new heights, especially with the teens. Making obesity a joke is damaging to their sense of self worth.

” Netflix made a show that turns weight into something far less serious—promoting fat shaming.

— Joseph Asher

Body image and obesity is a big social issue right now, with the media beginning to display plus size models and actors. Mainstream media is becoming more accepting to plus size models; Ashley Graham for instance, is a huge inspiration to many. Bigger actors are embraced and play main roles in show and movies as well, not just the lesser roles.

The show embellished on the idea that being “fat” wasn’t okay, as Patty endured constant bullying and spent many nights eating alone on her couch. Even after she lost the weight, the show made sure the audience knew she still saw the fat girl she once was and never viewed her body as “perfect.”  

One particular scene that stood out was when Patty was in the bathroom looking at herself in the mirror and saw nothing but more weight she has to lose, instead of being proud and confident of her new body. It really brought down the whole mood of the show to a negative level.

Another flaw of the show was that Patty was the only overweight person at her school, something that wouldn’t be true in real life. Debby Ryan, who portrayed Patty, wore a fat suit in a few scenes. It was one that poorly portrayed the average teen and many saw this as offensive.

How Netflix approached the idea of losing weight was less than acceptable. As Patty didn’t lose the weight by working out, instead she lost the weight when she had her jaw wired shut post-fight with a homeless man who called her fat.

Another important note of the show is how instead of becoming confident and more positive, Patty took a turn and was a in a sense mentally unstable. She let hatred and the desire for revenge on all the kids who did her wrong control her life.

From the hatred she took part in numerous situations that caused issues with her peers, put her life on the line and caused her own downfall.

This show was anything but insatiable. It promoted body shaming rather than body acceptance. Insatiable was nonetheless a horrible depiction of teen obesity and high school reality. A show that left many viewers disgusted with the execution of the series, a poor excuse for a show covering such a controversial topic.