License to drive

Online course, Aceable, makes drivers ed easy



Illustration by V. Van

Story by Nathan Morriss, staff writer

School. Sports. Jobs. With all of these commitments already going on, it can be hard for a teenager to even think about starting a driving course. Why would anyone want to go straight to another classroom when they are in one all week? Enter Aceable, the online driving course that is becoming increasingly popular among high schoolers.

Unlike most regular driving courses, Aceable allows you to choose when and where you want to work on driving education. “[Aceable] made doing drivers ed more convenient. It’s on your phone, your iPad or computer, which makes it where you can really do it whenever you want to,” sophomore Corbin Osborne said. This is ideal for those who stay busy and whose free time is few and far between. 

“Unlike many written driving tests, Aceable allows one to take their tests as many times as possible to ensure that you pass while still learning the content.

— Nathan Morriss

Aceable breaks each lesson into multiple chapters of the same general topic. Along the way, students are given questions pertaining to what they learned in the previous slides. At the end of each lesson, one must take a 10-question test to move onto the next level. This makes what would be a long, boring course much more bearable.

This takes the stress off of the tests, making it so that, if a student pays attention and goes through the chapters, they will move on, regardless of their amount of tries.

Aceable’s easy-to-use set up allows you to quickly log in anytime on almost any device. Aceable also has a mobile app for most smartphones that is free to download. Compared to previously having to travel at a set time for driver’s education, using Aceable is a piece of cake. 

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However, Aceable does have a couple of drawbacks that one should be aware of. “There’s a lot more the parents have to do, and there’s a lot more paperwork involved with it,” Osborne said. One must also put in 40 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction with a parent/guardian in the car. This helps cover all of the aspects needed in everyday driving.

Aceable combines the reliability of driver’s education with the accessibility of technology. As society becomes more intertwined with electronics, Aceable and other online courses will most certainly become the go-to for driver’s ed.