A childhood classic all grown up

The movie “Christopher Robin” sales $1.5 million on the first night



Christopher Robin is the newest addition to the Winnie the Pooh franchise.

Story by Raelyn Albert, staff writer

The movie “Christopher Robin” brought back the happy feeling of me sitting on my floor waiting for “Winnie the Pooh” to come on. Watching Pooh Bear and Eeyore clumsily walk around always made my day.

Christopher Robin” is based off the childhood tale of “Winnie the Pooh.” Realistic Pooh is just as lovable as the animation because he is still very silly. This classic kids movie takes on an adult outlook on the world. Expecting a very childish movie, “Christopher Robin” was blindsiding.

“Christopher Robin” begins in The Hundred Acre Woods, where Christopher Robin was leaving for boarding school. Robin lost his father while he’s at boarding school, which made him realize he needs to grow up. As he gets older the story gets a little depressing. Robin loses his imagination leaving Pooh and his friends in the past. His family plans a trip to Christopher’s childhood home and he ends up having to work through the weekend, so they leave without him. As Christopher goes off to find Pooh, he stumbles upon Eeyore and the others. Robin wants to stay but has to go home or risk losing his job.

He then heads back to London. Tigger switches his business papers with things to remember everyone. Pooh, Eeyore, Tigger and Piglet all go to Christopher’s old house to find him before he goes back to London. They find his daughter, Madeline, who helps them try to to find her father in time for his meeting. Sadly, they don’t find him.

Christopher Robin realizes that it’s okay to have a little fun. He ends up having an idea that everyone should take a vacation. Robin realizes that his daughter is growing up and she needs to play. Before he was making her study all the time and he didn’t see how unhappy she was.

“Christopher Robin” was not as childlike as many would expect. Teens and adults would like this movie and understand it more than children. There was a scene from World War I and a lot of business or serious moments that kids wouldn’t really understand. Music makes movies more interesting, but “Christopher Robin” had very little songs. There was no music most likely because this is supposed to be a more mature movie. The only song they had during the movie was tiggers song about himself. There was nothing controversial that really stuck out, which is relieving. “Christopher Robin” is a great family movie that will have you reminiscing about your childhood with all the characters you love.