The bigger Apple

The iPhone upgrade brings small changes to a bigger device

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Story by Margaret Debenport, culture editor

With two thirds of all online traffic coming from mobile devices, chances are that at this moment you are using a smartphone to read this story. Around half of that traffic is from Apple’s iPhone, which is about to get some big changes – as well as boast a big price tag.

The XR, XS, and XS Max all offer separate perks, but are similar in the amount of memory offered. All three models offer a minimum capacity 64GB, and while the XR only offers 128 and 256GB versions, the XS and XS Max offer up to 512GB of space. However, this space comes at quite a price.

Paying for the smallest amount of space offered on the XR will set you back $750, while going all out for the 512GB XS Max will cost you $1,450. Both the XS and XS Max offer a dual camera system with a f/1.4 wide angle lens and a f/2.4 telephoto lens.

Portrait mode is now available on both the front and back cameras, as well as the option to control your depth of field after a photo is taken. Video can be recorded in 4K with up to 60 fps.

The all new apple designed A12 Bionic chip includes a faster Graphic Processing Unit, which is up to 50% faster than the currently used A11 Bionic chip. The apple designed Neural Engine is built for “real-time machine learning,” which allows your iPhone to make predictions based on experience. The new chip is supposed to extend battery to last all day.

Apple’s Face ID is the most advanced facial recognition offered by a mobile phone. 30 thousand invisible dots are projected to build a facial map while invisible infrared light allows detection even at night. Face ID can be used to keep thieves and younger siblings off of your phone as well as make purchases using Apple Pay with a quick glance.

With a 6.5” screen and 458 pixels per inch, the XS Max holds the largest and highest quality an iPhone has ever seen. The new models are also created to be more water resistant, being able to withstand two meters of water for 30 minutes.

Apple’s upgrades may seem impressive if you currently use the iPhone seven, but the steps from an iPhone X to the iPhone XR and XS are not completely monumental. If you’re considering an upgrade, ask yourself if it’s worth spending a grand on a phone you will be wanting to replace when the next Apple Keynote rolls around in a year.