Taco bout traffic

Taco Tico makes it back to Texarkana


Photo by Oren Smith

Taco Tico recently opened a new location on Texas Blvd. in the old Backyard Burger location. Customers ordered over 6,000 taco burgers in the first week of Taco Tico’s return to Texarkana.

Story by Nathan Morriss, staff writer

 Taco Tico’s line still has cars lining up all the way to State Line. The opening of Taco Tico Texarkana marks the first time the franchise has been open in the Twin City in years. Both long time supporters and newcomers flocked to try the Texican Cuisine.

“[Waiting] took about two and a half hours,” junior Serenity Murphy said. “There were a lot of people and it was really crowded.” 

However, the once the food was ordered the process “only took around 10 minutes.”

The line stemming from Taco Tico has been backed up to the point where many other establishments nearby have been affected. Senior Eryn McDonald worked at the nearby Tropical Smoothie café and business there has been harmed by the overflow of vehicles.

“We’ve lost a lot of business because no one can get into our parking lot,” McDonald said. “I couldn’t even get into the building to get my check [on Monday]; I had to sit at the intersection of Texas Blvd and State Line for 20 minutes for me to get inside.”

The relentless line has not slowed down in the past week, either. Taco Tico continues to impede traffic flow stemming from its drive thru.

“I was working this Saturday and it was all right, but the line was wrapped up to State Line at 11:30 a.m. and that was pretty bad,” McDonald said. “I don’t think [the line] has improved much at all.”