The burdens of fame

David Crowder’s life as a Christian singer


photo by Ivana George

Story by Peyton Sims, staff writer

Stage lights. Giant crowds. Fans stand in the audience with their hands raised in worship as they sing along with their favorite Christian singer. Fame can be viewed as a hassle, but when someone is known for an important subject such as faith, they’re determined to share the message of God.

The reality of the Christian singer, David Crowder, lets you see into the world of what fame with Christianity can be. Trying to find time for family and desired activities can be difficult, but when your time is spent pursuing the career you love, life sends you down a joyful route that involves bringing his fans closer to God.  

“I love how performing can bring people together,” Crowder said. “It’s important people realize our sameness is much more grander and beautiful than the things that make us different. Music puts us on the same page together and gets us living and breathing the same thing.”

The positive energy performing can bring is never ending. However, there can be challenging times such as when people are waiting for a well known band at a festival, and the opening bands are often looked over or ignored

“At festivals, I take that not as a struggle to perform in front of crowd that’s uninterested, but to win the crowd over by our performance,” Crowder said.

Crowder came from a humble beginning. He didn’t get noticed for his talent until he was in college at Baylor. He’s from a small town in Texas where you wouldn’t expect a well known artist to grow up in. This truly shows that fame of any sort can blossom from anywhere.

He has had the opportunity to work with multiple of his favorite artists throughout his career, and he hopes to work with more along the way.”

— Peyton Sims

“It all began my junior year of college at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. A church reached out to me because of my musical abilities and wanted me to perform at their Sunday morning services. I agreed, and after a year I was writing my own songs,” Crowder said. “It was difficult finding Christian music that sounded like music teenagers of my time period enjoyed, so I tried to create music that still fit their desire.”

Crowder has many people he looks up to, including bands that inspired him to begin writing music years ago. He has had the opportunity to work with multiple of his favorite artists throughout his career, and he hopes to work with more along the way.

“Many people find this very shocking, but growing up one of my favorite bands was Pearl Jam. I thought the lead vocalist Eddie Vedder was the coolest man. The way he carried himself on stage when he was performing and his distinctive voice made him one of the most influential people at the time I was getting into music,” Crowder said. “I also had the opportunity to work with Bill Kelliher from the band Mastodon. He’s always winning the Golden Guitar Award, so it was a dream come true working with him. Lastly, I worked with Marty Stuart who plays the mandolin and guitar. He was the mandolin player for Johnny Cash.”

As much as Crowder loves performing with his band, Crowder also enjoys his time at home with his family. David and his wife, Toni, who were highschool sweethearts, spend as much time as possible together. His job allows him to travel across the world and go to new destinations, but when he has a break, him and Toni depart on vacation getaways.

“When I’m home, my wife and I love to go to Mexico. We try and go to Mexico one to two times a year and mainly hangout on the beach,” Crowder said. “I try to schedule all of my interviews during my tour, so I don’t have to worry about them when I have time off.”

When Crowder is back to work after time off, his vocal success allows him to create a popular and enjoyable song that still focuses around God. His songs are in multiple Christian rock genres, and he sings and plays a various amount of instruments. He plays the piano in his favorite song to perform, “All my hope.”

“If I weren’t doing what I was doing now, I would hope I would still be just as passionate for Jesus and what I read in the scripture,” Crowder said. “I keep my mind and conversation about faith because I want to have songs that articulate for others what it means to be a human and to be alive.”