Holly jolly season creeping closer

Christmas kills other holidays


Peyton Sims

Photo Illustration. in recent years, Christmas has found its way into other months, obliterating other holidays and their meanings. The season must be pushed back to allow other holidays the deserved focus.

Story by Aislyn Echols, staff writer

Christmas is a holiday that is loved and adored by most people, but in recent years, Christmas has found its way into other months, obliterating other holidays and their meanings. Seeing stores and television promote the winter holiday earlier and earlier each year has made other holidays seem like a second thought to people.

First, Christmas crept its way into November. People have seen that Christmas has already taken over Thanksgiving. Shoppers shovel food into their mouths as fast as possible to rush into the stores for Black Friday. Getting the best deal as possible on everyone’s gifts has ruined the holiday meant for people to come together and say what they are most thankful for over the years. This sacred holiday has been tarnished by the winter rush.

Now, Christmas is trying to take over October. The dear and beloved spooky season is under attack by the stressful and over commercialized holiday. October has put up a good fight, but it might be losing the battle. The scares and sharing of candy is in the process of being killed and forgotten by holiday commercials over Christmas. The seemingly innocent and happy celebration has a cold and devilish plan in mind.

In addition, people don’t seem to care about the other holidays being overrun by the holly jolly dictator. People joke and laugh wishing that it was Christmas year round, but that might not be a joke anymore. People stress and worry themselves into the ground around this holiday season, trying to make everything perfect for others and never worrying about the fate of themselves. 

Christmas has lost its meaning. It was once about doing good deeds, coming together and enjoying the happy atmosphere, but is now a selfish, commercialized and greedy season. It’s never about how the family finally gets together, but rather about who has the most presents from Old Saint Nick. Trying to push this hatefulness and stress onto people earlier than needed should be a sin.

Though, it’s not just the holiday’s fault, its people’s fault too. Industries, stores and entertainment push Christmas onto people, shoving it down their throats and choking them with holiday joy. The more Christmas there is, the more money people can make. This trick might not work on some people, but there are those who have become accustomed to the fact that Christmas advertisements come up early. 

We must make it so that Christmas is finally pushed back into its designated month of the year. There is a time for everything and Christmas can’t take that time away from the other holidays that need their own time in the spotlight. People need to recognize they are taking joy away from others instead of spreading it. Leave Christmas where it is and don’t try to use it to dominate other months for selfish reasons.