It’s a good day to dye

Closure of salons leaves teens dying, cutting hair


Peyton Sims

Photo Illustration

Story by Doug Kyles, staff writer

Whether it’s the fact that salons and barbershops have shut their doors, the immense boredom of staying at home or the anxiety of a pandemic driving these decisions, a new set of hair trends have emerged. It became clear across social media that teens have begun to take their hair into their own hands. 

At this point, almost everyone has come around to realize the importance of social distancing, and those who haven’t, now adhere to the practice out of government mandate. Social distancing, however, requires that citizens stay six feet apart. This presents obvious roadblocks for the traditional haircut experience. 

Moreover, at this point in time, there is no possibility to find a rogue hairdresser who has stayed open because of the government’s order stated on the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation website.

“Under the new order, barber and cosmetology shops and laser hair removal facilities had to close by 12:01 a.m. on April 2, 2020. The order is in effect until April 30, 2020 and supersedes any city or county orders,” a posting on the TDLR website stated. 

This leaves little options for those stuck at home. Whether your hair is getting a little too shaggy for comfort, or you’re just looking for a change to break the monotony, these are the main trends we’ve seen.


Resorting to a Buzz Cut


With this style, you likely won’t fret over the idea of uneven edges or cutting too short. The easiest to accomplish out of all of these trends, this style only requires a pair of clippers. This trend has made rounds on TikTok and Twitter and is much more common for males to do. However female celebrities, like P!NK, have showcased their shaved heads on Twitter. Where this seemingly simple trend can go wrong is when more “advanced styles,” the kinds that should really only come out of the barber shop, are attempted. High fades, tapers and skin fades are really best left to professionals. 


When in doubt, dye it all


Ok, well maybe not dyeing “it all.” You start with a streak or two, realize you like it, and just go for a little more, until, “Oops” you’re looking into a mirror and the person who looks back has a head full of pink hair. 

“I didn’t really think much about it. I was just so bored that I wanted a change,” incoming freshman Abby Kyles said. “Now that I think about it, dyeing my hair pink was an impulse decision.”

This trend has actually had enough impact, to influence consumer behavior. According to CNN Business, hair coloring products have seen a notable 23% increase in sales, along with hair clippers, which have seen a massive 166% increase in sales.


Bangs and other trims


Other less common, and arguably more drastic trends, are cutting one’s own bangs or just giving yourself a trim. Now these options, with one being sensible and the other more drastic, only require a pair of scissors. #PandemicBangs made it trending on Twitter, to the horror of professional hairstylists everywhere. There’s a lot that can go wrong here; without the perfect length off bangs can be left resembling a cowlick, muffin top, or a just plain accident.


The return of eyebrow notches


Coming from a long, notorious record in the 90’s hip hop scene, shaving notches into one’s eyebrow has seen a resurgence; so much so, that #EyebrowSlits has been blowing up on Instagram. 

Whichever of these trends quarantine leads you to, don’t fret about how others will see the result; odds are by the time quarantine is lifted, you’ll be ready for a new haircut, one done by a professional. So take it easy when you’re stuck at home; after all, these are unconventional times, so why should your DIY haircuts be any different?