Look to the stars

Students share their fascination with astrology


Photo by Assad Malik

Two teens sit on the bed of a truck while star gazing. Zodiac signs play an important role in many peoples’ lives.

Story by Aislyn Echols, opinion editor

When people look at the night sky and see the stars that glow above them, few think of what those stars can tell us. The belief in zodiac signs and horoscopes has caught the attention of students across campus.

People throughout history have tried to use many unconventional means to explain life’s mysteries. Stars have been here since the dawn of time –– unlike the belief in what they can tell us about ourselves and the world around us.

“I know that some farmers used to use lunar charts, [also known as] astrology charts, to figure out when to plant their crops for the best harvest,” junior Jessie Gamble said. “[I personally believe that] if the moon can affect something as big as the entire ocean, then it can certainly affect growing cycles.”

People in the past are known to believe in pseudosciences and others, later on, prove their beliefs wrong and unfactual. Though, this doesn’t explain when people in the modern era are so strongly fascinated with this faith 

These beliefs stem even further back than most suspect. Astrology signs and the reading of the planets began when the Sumarians in Mesopotamia graphed the movement of the planets and stars in 6,000 B.C. From there, the Babylonias created the zodiac charts that we use today around 700 B.C.

Even though this belief is thousands of years old, it has been making a revival and piquing the interest of recent generations. People now have changed the tools, like star charts, used in the craft.

“There are a couple of things that science has proven wrong with recent astrology is wrong with zodiac signs,” Astrology teacher Nathan Upchurch said “One is that there are actually, 13 zodiac constellations, but it is hard to put 13 constellations into 12 months. If you look at the night sky it shows us that [the modern star charts] are not accurate today, but it is close to being accurate 2,000 years ago.”

There are plenty of people who strongly believe in astrology, but like any belief, there will always be critics; it’s often those who will misunderstand and make misconceptions about the belief based on their little knowledge of the subject.

“People often misunderstand the fact that your [sun] sign does not equal your entire personality,” junior Ryan Hampton said. “However, it does account for a bit of it. They also don’t understand that one person has many signs and that astrology is not just about what signs you have. It’s about the positions of constellations and planets in regard to where you are and how that affects you. The deeper you get into it, the more complex it can be.”

Despite only a few people knowing about the specific intricacies of the planetary movements and star signs, this is how a lot of people of this belief control how they will act and what they do. Their beliefs can change how their days or even months plan out. Others might find that if they try to research their own signs, their daily routine could change completely.

“I feel like everyone should know their sun, moon and ascendant signs,” Gamble said. “Because if you only know your sun signs, you’re not going to know much about [yourself]. Your sun sign is the vaguest thing in the world, so you have to at least know those three to get any specific answers.”

With every belief, there will be backlash, though most backlash for astrology nowadays comes from the internet and people hiding behind screens. When the hatred meets people face-to-face, it can feel harsher and cut deeper.

“Every now and then people come up to me and say that star signs aren’t real or that they are stupid,” Hampton said. “They make me feel [dumb] for believing in them, but I just have to remember that I don’t care about them.”

Through all the critics and backlash, the belief in astrology has made its way into people’s hearts once more. Though, what was once used for hard science and was wholly accepted to do things like speak the future, is now a past time, and even a job, for people. For these people, astrology has given them an eye opening revelation and answers questions no else could.

“As the astronomy teacher, there is a science to [astrology],” Upchurch said