Terrible, weirdly popular movies

Bad films to watch for painful entertainment


Photo by Michelle Gonzalez

Like a car wreck, some movies are so bad that it’s difficult to look away.

Story by Katey Pappas, staff writer

Not all movies are created equal. Some movies are basically flawless and have 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. Others, however, have a very low rating. And they deserve it. Even though these movies have terrible ratings, many of them are still wildly popular (mainly among bored teenagers.) Below are some of the worst  popular movies that are so bad, they’re almost good. 

Note: This article contains spoilers, so don’t read it if you are going to watch any of these films. For whatever reason.

“The Kissing Booth”

This masterpiece was released by Netflix in 2018. Our main character, Elle, and her best friend Lee have been best friends all their lives and have an oddly specific set of rules. One of the rules on the list is: relatives of your best friend are totally off-limits romantically. Anyway, the movie is called “The Kissing Booth” because Elle and Lee decide to hold a kissing booth for a school fundraiser. This is unbelievably disgusting, but since everyone is gorgeous, fit and showered in the Netflix world, the kissing booth does very well. While running the kissing booth, Elle and Lee’s brother, Noah, end up kissing. This begins their unbelievably predictable romantic relationship, which they “wisely” keep from Lee for a long time. Because the relationship breaks one of the rules, Lee is ridiculously upset and overemotional. In the end, however, Lee and Elle are best friends again and Noah goes off to college, but Elle knows that part of her heart will always belong to him. This movie is so predictable it hurts. Literally no one couldn’t have been able to figure out the plot of the entire movie in the first five minutes. On top of this, the writers tried so hard to come up with new “teen slang,” but it just comes off as stupid. 


Words can’t describe how boring and cheesy this movie is. Basically, it is your typical “good girl” meets “bad boy” story. Tessa is a freshman in college who ends up falling for your typical guy who dresses in all black and has a British accent. They fall in love, Tessa’s mom yells at her for not doing well in school, Tessa tells her mom it’s her life and she WILL throw away her future for a boy she barely knows, Tessa and the accent guy break up and (maybe) get back together. It’s hard to describe what exactly makes this movie so bad, but it’s evident if you watch it. All of the dialogue is really cheesy and cringe-worthy, and all of the “romantic” scenes are really creepy and uncomfortable. On top of this, Tessa has literally no self respect. She falls in love with a guy she has known for like three days and stays with him even though he is a mentally unstable jerk. It’s a terrible example for anyone watching.


I haven’t even seen this movie, but the trailers are horrifying. What is this movie?

“Dora and the Lost City of Gold”

There is no way this is a real movie. In this beautiful fever dream, Dora moves from the jungle to Los Angeles where she attends a real high school with her cousin Diego. Diego is, understandably, horribly embarrassed. The cousins and a spoiled girl then go on an hour-and-42-minute-long journey to save Dora’s parents and solve the mystery behind a lost Incan civilization. The plot itself isn’t that horrendous, but the characters themselves are so annoying that it hurts to watch for more than 25 minutes. 

Some of the above movies are annoying, some are cheesy, and some are just plain dumb. One thing they all share though is that they are very strange. These movies all had me staring at the screen with glazed eyes wondering who wrote the script and why they thought it was a good idea, but if you are in the mood for some painful entertainment, these are great choices.