Is the ‘SOUR’ album overhyped?

How did Olivia Rodrigo keep people listening?


Sydney Rowe

photo illustration

Story by Melissa Singleton, Staff Writer

If you have TikTok, you know that Olivia Rodrigo’s songs were being used all over the social media platform from dances to singing about an old ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. Everyone has heard snippets of almost all of the songs on her new album “SOUR.” Is it overhyped?

“Good 4 U”: There was a lot of yelling. If you were mad at someone for breaking your heart, it might hit differently, but personally, it sounded like she was trying a little too hard to sound like rock for teenage girls and it wasn’t working. Many have accused Olivia of copying “Misery Business” by Paramore in this song. They do sound very similar, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case.

“Deja Vu”: It was a relatable, cute song — very overplayed though. A lot of her songs sound the same, but this one was a little different but still basic. The song hates on people moving on from their exes and makes the new significant other into an antagonist, which isn’t a good message to portray.  

“Traitor”: I liked her voice in this song. The background vocals reminded me of church. I could fall asleep to it, but it might make me cry honestly. It still sounds like the rest of her songs, so compared to her album, it’s nothing special. 

I believe her hype has stuck because many people were relating to her music. Her demographic was catered to teenagers who have been through situations of stress, love, and heartbreak. The songs appeal to people’s personal experiences and feelings. The album was No. 1 on multiple charts including “Billboard” and “Rolling Stone” magazines. The album was also there for multiple weeks in a row. While it could be considered overhyped, I do understand the appeal.