Picking the perfect Halloween costume

Different ideas for dressing up this year


Sydney Rowe

Halloween presents many unique dress-up opportunities that are not difficult to achieve.

Story by Nashita Kalam, Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again. That’s right! Spooky season. Time for carving pumpkins, feeling the autumn breeze, eating candy corn and best of all, dressing up and going around trick or treating.

Picking the perfect costume can sometimes be stressful. Whether it’s because you just can’t think of an idea, can’t pick between your options or because you can’t find the right materials to make the costume you want.

A TV show/movie character
Who doesn’t like feeling like they’re the main character from a movie? Whether it’s a princess/prince like Mulan or Flynn Ryder; a superhero like Spiderman or Black Widow, or an average person like Jim from The Office or Meredith Grey from Grey’s Anatomy. Costumes like these can be easy to make with clothes that can commonly be found around the house.

A person from a different era
“I was born in the wrong generation,” is something that a lot of people say. Well, now is their chance. You can dress like whatever era your heart desires: a flapper from the ‘20s to a disco lover from the ‘70s. Making these costumes can be the easiest. Just go through your parents’ or grandparents’ closet.

Different occupations
We’ve all wanted to have extravagant jobs at some point in our life. This night is your chance to be a ballerina, an astronaut, a doctor, a firefighter, etc. These costumes can be thrifted at Goodwill, or they can even be your parents’ uniform if they have the job you wanted.

Cowgirl/ Cowboy
We live in the South, so almost everyone owns a cowboy hat, boots and flannel. Even if you don’t own any, they are very easy to find at stores like Boot Barn, Goodwill or TJ Maxx. This can be an easy last-minute, put-together costume.

A scary monster
When we hear about Halloween, the first thing we associate it with is horror. Spirit Halloween in the mall has a lot of great options. They have a variety of options ranging from clown to zombie masks. Halloween was originally meant to scare people, anyway.

A person that inspires you
We’ve all wanted to be like someone else in our life. Whether it’s a celebrity, your parents, best friend or just someone that you’ve always looked up to. You can dress similar to them if they have a trademark style.