A resounding impact

The effect of music on teens


Photo by Macy Maynard

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Story by Samuel Cody, Staff Writer

The music industry is going crazy over new songs and albums dropped by Drake, Kanye, Taylor Swift and other various artists across the board. Everyone is either listening or talking about one of these top chart artists. The impact of these is a small fraction of how music impacts everyone.

Music in today’s society is relevant in many people’s lives through social media, art, relationships and entertainment. For students, music can be a big influential factor in their education.

At school, everyone has earbuds in. Some students rely on their earbuds to focus in class and just to get through the day. It allows students to block out other distractions at school and focus on their assignments.

“I play happy music — it really helps me focus on my work in a happy mood. I am very productive,” sophomore Israel Castaneda said.

Music also has the power to influence people’s thoughts and emotions. When people are in an unhappy place, they may turn to music for advice or relief. School, work and life in general can be stressful and some students like to recharge with music

“When I come home from school and feel stressed out, I listen to Rod Wave because he calms me down and makes me feel better, “ sophomore Arthur McElroy said.

Or sometimes, depending on the individuality of the person, music can negatively impact his or her tasks. It can distract the individual and even disrupt their focus outside.

“For me, music can be a distraction when I drive, which can be a hazard to me or others on the road,” junior Olivia Huckabee said. “I usually choose to turn it down to lessen the distractions.”

A solution to this might be to just use one earbud or keep the volume down so distractions can be at a minimum without cutting out music completely from one’s life.

People also build friendships and bonds with others who share the same music interests. Finding out that someone listens to the same artist can be something to bond over and can bring on a sense of comfort.

“Me and my three friends have a theme song, and every time we play it we jam out together,” sophomore Cy Hopkins said. “We have our separate parts, and we feed them all together so it makes great memories.’’

As people today are so influenced by who or what they listen to, music can start to affect any aspect of someone’s life down to the people they associate themselves with.
The impact of music is limitless; it is a gateway for people.