Spell it out

Wordle craze exercises students’ brains


Photo by Hannah McElhiney

The online game Wordle rises in popularity for those striving to train their brains.

Story by Gracie Tucker, Staff Writer

A new word game called Wordle has gained popularity among countless people across the world recently, with the game’s sole purpose being to try and get the Wordle word for the day. 

“Wordle is something I look forward to doing everyday,” senior Angie Parrott said. “It is fun and allows me to compete with my friends.” 

Many friends compete to see who among the group can guess the word in the least amount of tries. 

“[Wordle] is also a fun little brain game to get me more awake in the morning,” Parrott said. 

Participating in this trend makes the brain run early in the morning, while trying to fit pieces of the alphabet into the six blank spots. The New York Times newly-purchased game has extensive vocabulary that many people enjoy. 

“Since Wordle only has one word everyday, it is just the right amount of fun and excitement to look forward to everyday,” sophomore Leila Mayo said. 

The game uses words not used in day-to-day conversations such as banal, trove, cynic and many more. Another pro on the Wordle list is that only one word is used everyday, so it is just enough to work out the brain. 

“I really enjoy doing the Wordle because it makes me think more intensely while trying to guess the word of the day,” sophomore Anna Bius said. “It expands my vocabulary, allowing me to learn more words I did not know of.”