I’m worried, darling

Unreleased movie sparks drama behind the scenes


courtesy of Warner Bros New Line Cinema

Fans can’t wait for the movie starring Harry Styles and Florence Pugh to come out.

Story by Gracie Tucker, Culture Editor

 “Don’t Worry Darling” directed by Olivia Wilde is set to air on September 23, 2022, and the cinematic community is in a roar. Talented and well-loved actors mixed with tons of drama, who wouldn’t be in love?

Let’s jump back to the beginning. Wilde split up with her long-term fiance and father of her children Jason Sudeikis. The newly single mother of two takes on a fresh start.

The queen of a female lead was announced and fans were thrilled. Florence Pugh, is a well-versed actress, from her phenomenal performance in Little Women to Midsommar. While the two films were vastly different, she did amazing in both.

Does it smell like fruit? Maybe it’s because the 28-year-old British singer is taking his acting career more seriously. Wilde announced that Harry Styles was cast as the lead and how thrilled she was- maybe a little too thrilled. 

Harry Styles fans were the definition of hype, and have not let that energy die down since the announcement. Just when things were kicking off, breaking news swept the media. Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde are confirmed as a couple. 

Styles’ fans were not happy; public enemy number one is now Olivia Wilde. 

While that big news was starting to sink in, a source stated to Page Six how Styles and Wilde were too “lovey-dovey” on the film set, making Pugh uncomfortable because Wilde was still with Sudeikis at the time. 

With Styles taking on more mature content, his fans jumped on the opportunity to oversexualize him and the film. Pugh spoke out saying that people are making the movie all about Harry and his “hot bod” and not about the story. 

Aside from the dating drama, everything was calm regarding “Don’t Worry Darling” until actor Shia Labeouf spoke out that he quit the movie, contrary to what Wilde told the press. Labeouf released a video in which Wilde basically called Florence, or  “Miss Flo” as Wilde uses in the video, as the troublemaker in the beefy situation between Labeouf and Pugh.

Ever since the video, Pugh was silent while the other cast promoted the film. Because of her silence, many thought she would skip the Venice Film Festival the first weekend of September. Although Pugh was not absent from the festival, she did not attend the press conference held for the cast. The rumor mill started turning, to fill in the blanks as to why she missed it.

 The media world was in shock when the stylist Rebecca Corbin-Murray posted a series of photos of Pugh, and believe it or not, the caption was the most shocking part. Colton-Murray captioned the Instagram post “Miss Flo,” referencing the shady leaked video of Wilde. 

The drama is never-ending. Fans also speculate that due to Styles and Wilde barely interacting at the Venice Film Festival, the two are no longer in a relationship. So, what does Styles do when he kisses a man?

The words were correct, Styles kissed fellow costar, Nick Kroll. It all started on Thursday September 2 when the cast took to the red carpet, and fans started a funny joke that Styles and Kroll looked as if they were going to kiss. What do they do, they kiss!

Drama is neverending, and the hype is like never before.

 Make sure to watch the movie “Don’t Worry Darling” on September 23, 2022. Then we will see if the drama was all for something.