Be for real Netflix

Once world-renowned media app has lost its touch


Photo by Ayla Dean

Netflix is causing outrage as it removes beloved series from its platform. Fans are ready to move on to other streaming services if they’re willing to provide the shows that Netflix has removed.

Story by Gracie Tucker, Culture Editor

For 25 years Netflix has been around and thriving, but since the decline in the quality of media, the once well-loved app is fading. Media lovers are jumping ship to join other networks to get their fix of favorite media content. 

At the start of every new year since 2020, greatly favored shows have been stripped away from the Netflix subscription payers right at 12 o’clock. The first TV show to make a huge impact was the widely known sitcom, Friends.

Ever since the loss of the sitcom, Netflix lost a bit of my interest and HBO Max took over that tiny portion of interest. A great marketing on the part of HBO Max, but bad for Netflix and the app’s ratings as a whole.

Living without Friends was one thing, but taking away the Office and Gossip Girl. Slow down because that was too much to handle. Without my daily Dwight and Jim interactions, or Blair Waldorf’s amazing outfits, how was I supposed to survive?

Thankfully Gossip Girl joined Friends on HBO, but to watch the Office here comes Peacock. Another monthly subscription for a nine season show, when used to, could pay seven dollars a month for all the favorites on one singular app.

Netflix is not blind to the backlash they are receiving, so instead of fighting to bring shows back, we get Netflix original films. Which if we are being frank, are a hit or miss. 

There’s a question that continues to pop up: should we even continue paying for the lousy monthly subscription, or should we cut ties completely? If we are weighing options, it’s probably best to just get another media app.

Name things that Netflix really has that are truly the best: Criminal Minds, Amazon Prime Video; Jane The Virgin, Amazon Prime Video; New Girl, Amazon Prime Video.

Though yes you would have to pay for each season of the above mentioned shows, at least you know that they will never be taken from you. Even if they were to be stripped from Netflix, you bought them on Amazon Prime.

At the end of the day, Netflix is just going downhill each and every day, so honestly Netflix, be realistic if you expect to stay in business with below average media. When the shows that are on the app start to outweigh the amazing media being taken away I will reconsider.

A positive I will leave the article with is that Criminal Minds was scheduled and did in fact leave Netflix, but management made a smart decision, and Criminal Minds was back in a span of two weeks.

Without Phoebe Buffay, Blair Waldorf, Dwight Schrute and Penelope Garcia, who knows what will happen to a person.