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New tv show taking over the media


Courtesy Netflix

Story by Oviya Justin, Staff Writer

From the first Addams Family sitcom in 1964 to the more recent movies in 1991 and the early 2000s, Wednesday Addams has always been seen as an iconic character, and with the recent release of the comedy-horror Netflix series “Wednesday,” fans are getting a closer look at this apathetic character we all know and love.

Directed by Tim Burton, the show follows Wednesday’s experiences as a student at Nevermore, a school for outcasts, as she navigates the struggles of being a teenager and solves the mysterious murders occuring in their little town. 

Fans have been anxiously awaiting this new teenage Wednesday Addams, portrayed by actress Jenna Ortega, but they were also rewarded with the return of fan favorite Christina Ricci as teacher Marilyn Thornhill. Ricci played young Wednesday in the 1990s Addams family films, and her appearance in the new series was a fun easter egg for older watchers, who were also excited to see what Tim Burton could come up with, creating famous and eccentric films such as Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands. 

Netflix says “Wednesday” is one of the most popular series of all time, even surpassing their previous record holder, the 80s drama-horror, “Stranger Things”. According to Netflix’s data, “Stranger Things” had a total of 335 million hours viewed in a week, with “Wednesday” topping it with a total of 341 million hours.

Jenna Ortega is becoming a viral sensation. Social media has been abuzz with Ortega’s phenomenal performance in the show. Initially, some were skeptical of the show, wondering how something unique could come out of such timeless characters; however, upon the release, they were quickly proven wrong. Ortega’s portrayal of Wednesday was spot on, not only capturing all of her classic traits, but also using them to create flaws: a perfectly imperfect character. 

After all, with the show focused on just one character, it’s important to not make her ideal. She’s funny, dark and intelligent, but also emotionless, slightly selfish and completely emotionally unaware at times. She’s weird, and viewers loved this about her. Ortega has even admitted to saying that she related to Wednesday in many ways, reflecting her dark humor and mannerisms, making her ultimately perfect for the role.

This brings us to the iconic dance scene circulating the internet, specifically those recreating it on TikTok. Taking inspiration from 80s Goth dancing styles, Ortega choreographed the dance to match Wednesday’s vibe. Although not typical by any means, the dance was incredibly “Wednesday,” encapsulating her spooky character and ability to not care what others think. 

The show has something for all audiences. Incorporating elements of horror, comedy, romance, and mystery, it makes for an incredibly entertaining plot. With elements of gen-z’ humor as well as the ongoing theme of normies and outcasts, it has something relatable to everyone, especially those in highschool. 

“Wednesday” is quickly rising to fame, paying homage to a classic, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the series in seasons to come.