Avatar: The Way of Water

Avatar drops sequel 13 years down the line


Avatar: The Way of Water is the fourth highest grossing movie in box offices. (Photo courtesy of avatar.com)

The creators of Avatar broke their dormant period with the release of Avatar: The Way of Water which hit theaters Dec. 16, 2022, after not having a movie since 2009. 

The Avatar sequel, directed by James Cameron, is based on a true hero-villain plot in which Jake Sully (played by Sam Worthington), leader of the Na’vi tribe, and his family run from Colonel Quantrich. The three-hour film portrays the journey of Jake Sully and his family to a different world, essentially, where they learned the ways of a water tribe, all while fighting battles with the “sky people”, who are seeking revenge on Jake.

Jake’s eldest son, Neteyam (played by Jamie Flatters), was seen as the golden child of the family. He owned a very protective characteristic over his siblings, which often made the second son, Lo’ak (played by Britain Dalton) , feel like he lived in the shadows of his brother. 

Sully also had a biological and adopted daughter, Tukitrey (played by Trinity Bliss) and Kiri (played by Sigourney Weaver) respectively. Sully had a second adopted child in his son Spider (played by Jack Champion), a human boy who learned the ways of the Avatar.

Despite the orders of their father to remain at home and not go into the jungle, the band of kids did it anyway, sparking the controversy of the sequel.

The sky people wound up catching Sully’s children, and he was forced to break them out of captivity. Sully then decided that it was safest for his family to move away from the tribe since as long as they were there, the sky people would come hunting them.

After being forced to fake his death and leave his homeland, Jake Sully moves his family across Pandora to join the Metkayina clan. The clan met the strange, new family with pushback for their differences in appearance and build, and the desire to remain peaceful and free of war. Eventually, the Metkayina agree to house and teach Sully and his family their ways.

The Sullys lived in peace with the Metkayina, and even mastered the art of swimming despite their builds until the sky people hunted them down. 

All out brawls broke out between the two groups, and the sky people captured not only Sully’s children but the Metkayina leader’s children as well. Jake, Neytiri (Jake’s wife), and the Metkayina tribe came together to take out the sky people’s ship and ended up sinking it. 

As the ship went down, Jake Sully battled one on one against the Colonel, and managed to fight him off and save his children.

After a tragic death, the family returned to the Metkayina clan where they were accepted and allowed to lay a pivotal character to rest. Jake Sully then decides that he will no longer run from the human colonizers, but fight them!

The current release date of Avatar 3 is set for Dec. 20, 2024.

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