It doesn’t end with the book

Colleen Hoover’s book to movie adaptation faces controversy from fans


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Fans are filled with anticipation over the soon to be movie adaptation of “It ends with us.”

Story by Macy Maynard, Editor in Chief

Author Colleen Hoover has been trending recently in the book world after going viral on TikTok, or as fans call it, “BookTok.” One of Hoover’s novels “It ends with us” has been on the New York Times best-seller list for over 89 weeks even though it was published in 2019.

The novel was recently confirmed for a movie and has gained even more popularity. Hoover confirmed the news on her TikTok account. The movie is planned to be closely adapted from the novel and is scheduled to be released sometime in 2024.

To the public’s knowledge only two cast members have been confirmed, and so much  controversy has arisen over who will play the characters. The novel is a fictional romance about the main character Lily Bloom, and her life of love interests. Lily’s character is set to be portrayed by Former “Gossip Girl” star Blake Lively. 

Fans expressed concerns about Lively portraying Lily in this upcoming film. Lily Bloom is a recent college graduate. Fans worry about how the lack of accurate age will affect the visual representation of the book. Lively being 35 years old leaves an age gap between her character; however, Lively has not replied to the concerns shown by fans.

The same concerns apply to the male characters in the novel set to be portrayed in the movie. Justin Baldoni, famed actor and director known for his appearance in the CW sitcom “Jane the Virgin ” is supposed to play a part in this new film. 

Though there is some uncertainty of the character Baldoni will portray in the film, fans expect him to play Ryle. Character Ryle Kincaid is 30 years old and one of Lily’s ex-husbands and abusers.  Because the character of Ryle is involved throughout the whole book, this part will hold a big part in the film. So, the picking of the male actor to play the part is crucial, but again, the plans are for Baldoni to fulfill this role. Baldoni is 39 years old so again an age gap between him and his character he may play. 

Besides the question of age, fans have expressed through TikTok and twitter the anticipation for the film. It will be the first film adapted from one of Hoover’s novels and is planned to receive great feedback. So make sure to keep up with the news revolving around the soon to be hit movie!