That 90s show

The new kid of Point Place take over Netflix


Gracie Tucker

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Story by Luis Aguilar, Staff Writer

“That 70s Show” started with a small budget, not knowing if it was going to be a huge success back in 1998. Eight years later, on its last season, the show had captured so many fans, running for a total of eight seasons. Despite our generation not being born early enough to watch the show in its original time, but have been able to watch it through reruns and clips on Tik Tok.

Despite the excitement for the new show, there have also been headlines around the actor that played Steven Hyde. Danny Masterson has been met with tons of sexual assault allegations, leading him to not be able to reappear back in his role for the new reboot, “That 90s Show.”

The reboot series brought back to life Red and Kitty Foreman, alongside a new cast of young adults. The series starred the main character Callie Haverda as Leia Foreman, daughter of Eric Foreman and Donna Pinciotti. 

Callie isn’t the only character that is related to the original cast. Mace Coronel, who has been known for his Nickelodeon character Ricky Harper, is playing Jay Kelso, son of Micheal Kelso and Jackie Burkhart.

Despite Danny Masterson’s absence in the show, there was somewhat of a reincarnation of his character. Actress Ashley Aufderheide, who plays next door neighbor Gwen, lives in Donna Pinciotti’s old house in her exact bedroom. Rebellious and loyal, she is very similar to Steven Hyde from the original series.

Point place received a new kid on the block for this summer, and man did the gang have a good ole time. Leila struggles to convince her dad to stay at his parents’ hometown instead of going to Space Camp, and her father Eric jokingly says “Were you not here with me back in the 70s, they are not the best watchers.” Talking about her grandparents, making a reference to the original show.

The series is good, but still nowhere near the original. Most of the original cast had debuted their career in “That 70s Show,” much like the characters in the new cast. The original cast could literally make you laugh in any scenario, whether they were in Eric Foreman’s basement, the watertower or the Pub.

Even though the original cast might not be the main cast, the new cast has done really well trying to follow the legacy that the first gang left. There’s no doubt that we will see them in Foreman’s basement, the water tower or making dumb decisions just so they can get on Red Foreman’s nerves and hear him yell out “well, I’m about to put my foot on your …”