We’re team Selena out here

Hailey Beiber seems to be copying Selena Gomez’s every move



Selena Gomez has not let any of the drama Hailey Beiber has tried to drag her in affect her. She continues to rise above.

Story by Gracie Tucker, Culture Editor

As TikTok has been spreading, drama has been surfacing with Haliey Bieber and Selena Gomez. However this drama is a tad different because Selena has done nothing, but Hailey has dug herself quite a hole.

The first video that came across my FYP on TikTok showed Hailey copying the exact phrases Selena mentioned in an interview on what she wished people knew about herself. The side by side clip showed Selena mention “I want people to know my heart,” and it just so happened that Hailey said those exact words.

Yet, it wasn’t a coincidence that Hailey said the same phrase because as everyone believes, Hailey Beiber has been copying Selena Gomez. Which is crazy for three reasons. First, Hailey is a millionaire. Why would she be worried about someone else to such a degree? Second, she is married to Justin Beiber; she already has the man she stalked forever. Thirdly, she will never be Selena Gomez, ever.

Going back to point number two, you read that right. Videos have surfaced of Hailey in the back of paparazzi footage while Justin and Selena were on dates. Yes you read that right too, Selena and Justin once dated.

Not that I know anything, but the main reason Hailey is so obsessed about Selena is because she is jealous Justin dated her. However, if Hailey doesn’t move on, she most definitely will lose Justin.

Fans have speculated that Justin and Hailey are on the outs due to instagram photos and much examination of interviews. The Seleners of the world have her back to a great extent. Nothing gets past fans who love their artist.

If you have no idea who any of the mentioned celebrities are just go to any social media platform and google Selena Gomez vs. Hailey Beiber. Just polling the students I saw this past week, everyone has been team Selena.