Food Crew Review – Tropical Smoothie Cafe

Sara Vaughn

Story by Naveen Malik, entertainment editor

In a small plaza at the intersection of Texas Boulevard and State Line, a not-so-popular Quiznos restaurant closed, and from the ashes arose Tropical Smoothie Cafe, everyone’s new favorite hangout. The restaurant is the first in Texarkana that is completely health focused, and is frequented by strict dieters and simple smoothie lovers alike. When you enter, you’re greeted by a friendly staff in a kitchen clean enough to eat off the floor .

I must admit that I’m a little biased when it comes to smoothie chains. I really like smoothies of all sorts, therefore, I like all places that serve them. But this restaurant has something extra. The staff is very concerned with customer satisfaction and if you’re not happy with your order, they’ll remake it for you.  As far as customer care goes, they’re on the same level as Starbucks (that includes misspelled names.) They like to make sure that you’re enjoying your food, not in a “get out of my restaurant, we’re short on tables,” way, but because they’re genuinely concerned.

The restaurant has a very neat and spacious layout, but is still welcoming. The light blue walls and distressed wood flooring give a subtle beach vibe that everyone can appreciate. In addition to this, they have a variety of seating arrangements which is always a perk.

Overall, I have absolutely no complaints about the restaurant. It is owned and managed by incredibly friendly people and the smoothies are fantastic. What else is there to say? Tropical Smoothie Cafe, props to you. 10/10 would recommend.

Smoothies I tried:

Paradise Point

Island Green

Peaches ‘n Silk

Sunrise Sunset

Strawberry Limeade