In case you missed it, Nov. 12, 2019


Snow cancels over 900 flights

Heavy snow cancels almost one thousand flights in Chicago as airports across the midwest, south and northeast prepare for a temperature plunge that could threaten the safety of flights. There have already been many examples of accidents across airports in the north, abcnews is calling it the snowiest start to winter by “virtue of number of days with measurable snowfall”, according to the National Weather Service.

Alabama breaks eight game win streak

On Saturday, the University of Alabama lost to Louisiana State University in college football by a score of 46-41. This loss by Alabama came as a shock to the college football fan-base as Alabama has been one of the top teams in the nation for the past two decades.

11 year-old boy shot and killed

An 11 year-old boy was shot and killed inside his home in Philadelphia. This death is believed to be related to a string of killings in the city. He was rushed to a hospital in critical condition and was pronounced dead within an hour of the shot.