In case you missed it, Nov. 21, 2019


SpaceX announces their plan of the future moon landing in 2022

SpaceX is now eligible to bid on NASA’s lunar services allowing them to possibly plan the next exploration to the moon. The date is not set in stone and is not guaranteed. The company still has to beat out 14 others in the process for the moon contract. 

Philadelphia mother murders daughter 

Yelena Nezhikhovskaya was arrested over the weekend for the alleged murder of her quadriplegic daughter, Yulia, which happened in 2018. The disabled 32 year old was found dead at the scene. Yulia’s cause of death has not been released by authorities and neither has the motive. 

The “White Supremacist Manifesto” letter sent to university students

Syracuse University was informed that a “white supremisist manifesto” was posted on the internet and was was somehow accessed by students due to it being shared with them. The suspected writer is a man who supposedly acted in a massacre in New Zealand mosques. Officials checked phones and airdrop to see if any documents were sent from the particular phones but nobody else came forward about the manifesto being sent to them.