In case you missed it, Nov. 26, 2019


Pete Buttigieg pulls ahead in polls

According to new survey results, Mayor Pete Buttigieg is polling second behind Biden in the race for the Democratic nomination. Elizabeth Warren and Senator Bernie Sanders have been bumped from their spots and now poll at third and fourth, respectively. These shifts in the polls, along with the late entry candidates like former New York Mayor Micheal Bloomberg, have made for a particularly unpredictable primary.

Media executive urges teens to delete TikTok

Professionals warn that the viral app may be used to spread misinformation, and that its Chinese owners may be data-mining its users. However Generation Z, the app’s main audience, is disregarding most warnings because “this app is free and therapy is not.”

Kacey Musgraves Christmas Special

Modern country music sensation Kacey Musgraves is releasing a Christmas special on Amazon this Friday. The show boasts celebrity names like Zooey Deschanel and Troye Sivan, and has been called “campy, weird, retro fun.”