In case you missed it Nov. 3, 2019


Trump Impeachment Inquiry Expected to Commence this month

Stemming from Trump’s alleged “quid-pro-quo” with Ukraine official Volodymyr Zelenskiy, an investigation, which could lead to Trump being impeached, is progressing rather quickly. Speaker of the House, California Democrat Nancy Pelosi, expects the inquiry to begin this month.

Ex-Manager Sues Starbucks for Firing After Arrest of Two Black Men at Philadelphia Store

An incident in 2018 revolving around ex-Starbucks manager, Shannon Phillips, has resulted in legal action against the organization by Phillips. Two black men were arrested after they were ordered by Phillips to “make a purchase or leave” despite their claim that they were waiting on a third person. After the incident, Phillips lost her job due to alleged discriminatory conduct and the arrest prompted Starbucks officials to close stores nationwide to conduct racial bias training.

Local Teen Deemed Honorary Officer by Texarkana, Texas Police Dept.

Local Teen, Kaylee Nowlin, was named an honorary police officer by the Texarkana, Texas Police Department, fulfilling a dream she’s had since she was seven years old. Nowlin, dressed up in a police officer costume, decorated her wheelchair to resemble a police car at the First Church of the Nazarene’s Trunk or Treat event Sunday evening. The Police Department took notice and decided to make her dream come true after a video surfaced of Nowlin joyfully riding around in her decorated chair.