In case you missed it, Dec 13, 2019


Texarkana weed dispensary is almost complete

Texarkana’s cannabis dispensary, Red River Remedies, is near ready to open. It is housed in a repurposed night club and construction is almost complete. The business will be located on the Arkansas side and is said to be known for its customer service and product knowledge. The business will be complying with all of the state laws. 

Old Washington is hosting its 31st annual Christmas and Candlelight Festival

The festival will be hosted at Old Washington State Park just outside of Hope, AR. There are over half a million luminaries to light the way and historic facts to learn around this town . They offer activities, like making candles, and a meal on site. They host a Christmas buffet from 11am to 8pm. The last time to go is this Saturday, Dec. 14. 

Mother and baby hit by car on N. Stateline

A pedestrian mother was carrying her 3 year old son while attempting to cross a turning lane on Stateline Ave. A car that was turning left claims to not have seen anyone crossing and hit them. The mother is injured and in the hospital while the baby is dead.