New librarian wants ‘more comfortable’ space

Story by Emily Hoover, News Editor

This new school year is bringing more than a few changes. From a new cheer sponsor to the almost school-wide reassignment of classrooms, students are going to have plenty to adjust to their first few days back. However, one change that will have a more subtle effect is the campus’ hiring of a new librarian, Emily Ransom.

“I was an academic advisor, a teacher, a UIL coach, and last year I was a Teacher Success Coach,” Ransom said. “So I know a lot of the students already, and most of the teachers.”

Ransom already has several ideas about what she wants to implement into the library.

“I’d like to enhance the fiction section with more, newer things that students like,” Ransom said. “I’d love for students to give me recommendations of things they’d like me to order. I would also love it if students and teachers would give donations, because that would be a good way to build it up.”

Atmosphere is another area of the library Ransom wants to concentrate on improving.

“I’d like to make the library more comfortable for students to come in and sit to read or study,” Ransom said. “If I come up with the funds, I’d like to get comfortable couches and things like that.”

Being the school librarian is something Ransom looks forward to, and also something she takes seriously.

“I love reading myself and I like getting kids interested in more things,” Ransom said. “A librarian’s a good person to get them into that world and expand their horizons.”