StuCo has big plans for upcoming year

Story by Scarlett Stussy and Scarlett Stussy

Decorations, books, popsicles and a sense of haste fill Susan Waldrep’s classroom weeks before school begins. One would think that with the loss of her English classes, she would have more time to relax before the school year starts.
However, she is already busier than usual, adding on to the already eventful Student Council schedule.
Waldrep is proud to say that Student Council and Leadership have a lot in store for this school year. With new fundraising ideas, new officers and new members, she feels confident that these plans will be successful.
“I’m actually excited about this whole year in general,” Waldrep said. “Everybody wants to get things accomplished; it’s going to be a really fun year overall.”
Currently, fundraising ideas for Stuco include: having dinner and a show, putting on a silent auction, an giving opportunity to win a Big Green Egg grill, and having tickets for sale to have your car decorated.
“We will also have ice cream and other things for sale every day during lunch to promote Texas-Arkansas week,” Waldrep said. “That should be an easy way to make money quickly.”
A loss of income has caused Stuco members to have to be creative, but they are confident that they are confident that they can come up with some great ideas.
“We used to get Domtar recycling money, but we don’t this year,” Waldrep said. “We still recycle; we just don’t get paid, so we had to put in some new fundraisers. But B.Y.O.B. will be continued as usual.”
These fundraisers contribute to the cost of the bacon fry, tailgates, homecoming, and traveling expenses.
“Virtually everything that Stuco does is free for the student body,” Waldrep said. “There is a lot we have to do without a budget, so these fundraisers are extremely important.”
For more information or to submit ideas, contact Waldrep or Debbie Nicholas.