Parking passes become necessity

Story by Julia Hurlburt

The first week of the school year brought an old issue into a new, unattractive light. The fully-enforced parking pass policy resulted in stressful searching for insurance papers, visits to the bookkeeper’s office, and a time crunch to get the official pass before a ticket was acquired.

Over the last few years the number of cars filling up the parking lot has reached an all-time high. This was a direct result of students not following the rules.

“Students were illegally taking up the spaces,” associate principal Brad Bailey said. “It causes a safety issue and takes away spots from the students who were doing all the right things.”

By enforcing the new rule, the administration was aiming to be rid of the limited parking space problem.

“We don’t have time to go after every single student,” Bailey said. “We don’t really want to. All we want is for the students to do the right thing.”

The temporary chaos should help eliminate the lack of parking spaces, and planning ahead on getting a pass should alleviate stress.

“I got mine when I got my schedule over the summer,” senior Hannah Green said, “so I had no problem.”

It may seem difficult to get the passes, but parking is much easier.

“They are okay once you have them,” senior Heather Kilpatrick said, “but it’s a pain trying to get one.”