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Tea Party offers alternative to mainstream politics

Times are troubled. The economy is struggling; American frustration with “politics as usual” is at a fever pitch. Faith in elected officials, especially those of more liberal persuasions, is at its lowest level in years. Through this maelstrom of political anger, the Tea Party has emerged.

The Tea Party is unique in that it is not a formal political party but instead a multifaceted, protest-fueled conglomeration of individuals and small, loosely connected offshoots.

Another defining trait of the Tea Party is that it is more locally based than the two mainstream parties. Most Tea Partiers believe that Washington-connected politicians are out of touch with ordinary Americans.

Because of these factors, many people who would not ordinarily be involved in politics actively participate in the Tea Party. Busy housewives, grandparents, and even youth not yet old enough to vote, can be found among the organization ’s ranks.

Sophomore Alex Walker is one of these youths. Walker has attended four Tea Party rallies and actively supports the organization.

“The Tea Party has strong conservative values, such as no taxation without representation and a lot of the things our country was founded on,” Walker said. “I think it’s important that we uphold these values.”

Walker also feels it is important to air one’s political values.

“I want to get my opinions out there,” Walker said. “The Tea Party shares most of the things I believe in. They have strong conservative values like I do, therefore I support them.”

Walker believes that it is critical for young people to be instrumental in the shaping of their futures.

“This is our country,” Walker said. “If we’re not active politically, it won’t be good.”

To Walker and countless others like him, the time for sitting passively and watching others shape America has passed. They believe that a bright, new era of political change has emerged, powered not by bureaucrats, but by those eager to make a difference.

“We are the future of America,” Walker said.  “The Tea Party is going to change the government as we know it.”

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Abigail O'Gorman, Co-Entertainment Editor
Abigail is a senior and entertainment co-editor at the Tiger Times. She is a big fan of foreign film and enjoys traveling, the outdoors and work-shirking. Lobsters, beards and Nickelback give her the heebie-jeebies. After high school, she wants to spend a ridiculously long time in college and then get some kind of doctorate.

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Tea Party offers alternative to mainstream politics