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Criteria for Tier II changes

A new policy has been instated that changes the requirements for attending Tier II that affects all students, except seniors.

Instead of only having to pass TAKS tests, students must now pass all four core classes (English, math, science and social studies) for the second semester and miss no more that 10 percent of their class time. Make-up hours also must be completed by May 24 to count toward school attendance.

In addition, freshmen must participate in all required state assessments, and sophomores and juniors must meet or exceed the state passing standard for these assessments. Seniors must meet all the requirements for graduation.

The reason for these changes is quite simple. Freshmen will not be getting their state test results until after the deadline for Tier II.

Associate principal Mark Schroeder believes this will benefit the freshmen.

“Our number one goal is to encourage students to pass all of their core classes,” Schroeder said. “It also makes it easier on the freshmen now that they don’t have to pass their TAKS test.”

However, even though the new requirements will make things harder for juniors, Schroeder is confident they can handle it.

“While it will be more difficult for juniors, we hope it will give you all the incentive to do better in class and attend school more regularly,” Schroeder said.

Schroeder also hopes to stress to freshmen the importance of passing their End Of Course tests.

“If a freshman does fail their year, then next year that student would have to take twice as many tests at the end of the year,” Schroeder said. “We want to help prevent this.”

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Jacob Hill, Managing Editor
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Criteria for Tier II changes