Miss THS pageant packets available now

Story by Natalie Banks, Business Manager

It’s Back to the ’80s for the Miss THS Pageant this year and unlike previous year’s, only junior and senior girls are allowed to compete for the coveted title.

“We’re wanting the pageant to be a scholarship pageant like Miss America,” theater director Micah McBay said. “Since juniors will have less than a year until college and seniors will have less than 6 months until college, we’re really trying to turn the pageant into a legitimate scholarship pageant like Miss Texas or Miss America.”

In order to participate, junior and senior girls should have the sponsorship of a club and have signed the entry form by Feb. 4. Forms are available in McBay’s room located in the performing arts building.

“The girls who have signed up by the Feb. 4 date will have a meeting with me and the other pageant coordinator,” McBay said. “Although I am the director of the pageant, this is my first one so I’ve been seeking some help through Miss Texas 2001 and Texas High graduate Stacey James-Mayo.”

McBay expects about 10 or 12 girls to participate, but if there are to many more then some narrowing down may be necessary.

“We will have a talent, casual, and an evening showcase,” McBay said. “Since the girls will write their own questions, the top five will draw one question and answer it on stage.”

The pageant will be held Feb. 18 at 7pm in the Performing Arts Center.

“We are awarding Miss Congeniality, Most Talented, and Top 5,” McBay said. “Basically every girl who makes the top five will receive an award as follows: fourth runner-up, third runner-up, second runner-up, first runner-up and the winner will receive the sash, the crown, $400 scholarship to the college of her choice, and the title as Miss THS.”