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EOC brings end to Tier II release

Getting out of school early for Tier II after passing all the TAKS tests will be a thing of the past next year with the implementation of STAAR and End of Course testing. Since the administration of these tests occurs later in the year, test results won’t be back in time to allow for a Tier II early release incentive.

“I feel like the EOC’s are putting so much stress not only on teachers, but also on the students,” junior Madeleine Russell said. “I think students who pass all of their EOC’s should still be rewarded by getting out of school an extra eight days early.”

Currently, the proposed calendar for next year shows that school will be in session until June 7 with graduation scheduled for June 9.

“Seniors were already getting out early when they weren’t taking the TAKS test at all, so the same should still apply,” Russell said. “I hope schools across the state can come up with a way to convince the education board of Texas to let us out of school early. I’m ready to graduate now.”

This year’s freshman class is the first to be required to take EOC test, rather than the traditional TAKS tests. Because of this, freshmen will be transported to the Texarkana College campus where they will take their tests. Other students will remain on campus.

The current plan for EOC scores is to count them as 30 percent of a student’s second semester course grade. There will be three levels of scores: 69 for unsatisfactory; 90 for satisfactory; and 100 for advanced.

“I think the EOC test and the STARR test are a good way to test over the subject you’re taking,” math teacher Jackie Nix said. “Texas has had many tests throughout the years and each time they give a new test, it gets harder, so it will be interesting to see what happens. The test will be stressful on administration, teachers, students and even parents.”

Students who do not pass the tests will have to re-take them the following year, along with their regularly scheduled tests. Passing all EOC tests is required for graduation.

“I believe the EOC will be more effective even though it is worse in the perspectives of the kids who have to stay longer,” sophomore Madeleine Pellegrin said. “I feel that the students should not be able to move up in course strength unless they pass their EOC.”

Since semester tests will be during the last week of school, students could still possibly get out early for exemptions. However, it is likely not smart to fill up the calendar with summer activities that week.

“There is a possibility that students could still be getting out early. There is no need to panic about it at this point since semester tests will be that week,” Schroeder said. “I wouldn’t suggest that students schedule camps or community service before June 9, because there is a chance you might be taking semester exams.”

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John David Goins, Online Co-Editor in Chief
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EOC brings end to Tier II release