Band students earn spots in All-Region

Story by Shelby Kelley, News Editor

Sixteen Jazz Band students earned placement in the Region IV All-Region Jazz Band out of a possible 20 spots. Auditions were held Tuesday at Mount Pleasant High School.

Students selected were Selwin George-2nd Chair Alto Saxophone; Dametrius Porter-1st Chair Tenor Sax; Olivia Landrum-2nd Chair Tenor Sax; John Reddell-2nd Chair Trumpet; Brandon Head-3rd Chair Trumpet; Shelby Powers-4th Chair Trumpet; Madison Stewart-5th Chair Trumpet; Tyler Hollowell-1st Chair Tenor Trombone; Crystal Murphy-3rd Chair Tenor Trombone; Raven Morris-1st Chair Bass Trombone; Morgan Williams-Piano; Charles Lee-Guitar; Jacob Dowdy-Bass Guitar; Zierre Spencer-1st Chair Drums; and Drew Daniels-1st Chair Drums.

They will perform in a clinic concert to be held in the John Thomas Theatre on Dec. 8 in conjunction with the Region IV Middle School Band Clinic. They are directed by Don Colquitt and Jay Sutton.