Journalism students seek success

Story by Robert Hoover, Staff Writer

Texas High has been known to to dominate the competition in a few of the Texas UIL categories. The journalism team is one of the many noteworthy teams when it comes to the academic competition teams throughout the school. Over the years, the journalism team has made quite a name for itself by winning several meets and medals.

“Last year, we won district and region, and had two students go to state,” adviser Rebecca Potter said.

To be a member of the team you must be either on a publications staff or in an introductory  journalism class. All of the events–news, feature, headline and editorial–are taught in the journalism classes. All the practice they get gives them an edge.

“It’s not really any different than what we normally write on a daily basis,” junior team member Taylor Potter said. “Just with perfect quotes and perfect information.”

The UIL events have had positive effects on some of the members that they might not have expected.

“When I first joined I thought it was weird, but then I remembered that I’m weird,” junior team member Sydney Schoen said. “It works both ways; being in newspaper helps with the journalism events, and the journalism events help you make a better newspaper.”

It has become a long-standing tradition for the team to get ice cream after every meet at Braum’s. Even though the team enjoys the competitions and being able to write, their love for ice cream is by far the greatest.

“No matter how bad we do, we always go to Braum’s,” Schoen said. “And we just tell ourselves we’re better than everyone else, at least personality wise.”

The journalism team’s goal for this year is to build upon their past success. No matter what happens at the future competitions, it’s certain they’ll be at Braum’s having a laugh afterward.

“The journalism team has done a good job of taking the competitions seriously while remembering to have fun in the process,” Rebecca Potter said. “Really, they’re just in it for the ice cream.”