Texas High’s DECA prepares students for the future

Story by Amanda Hackleman, Staff Writer

Contrary to the belief of many other students at Texas High, the DECA’s goal is not only to help working students, but also, give them a chance to compete for their school just as any other student.

Ten students left for state Wednesday to compete in a variety of sections including, Principles of Hospitality, Apparel and Accessories, Buying and Merchandising Research Project, and Entrepreneurship Innovation Project. These students have worked hard to prepare for the event.

Junior Courtney Norton placed first in Principles of Hospitality, while junior Claudia Mendoza placed second. The two will take a 100-question test, then be given 10 minutes to prepare a business presentation. It would have something to do with the careers in the restaurant, hotel, or tourism fields.

Senior Christina Cummings placed second in Apparel and Accessories. She will also be given a 100-page test and prepare a presentation focusing on the marketing or management in a clothing retail career.

Senior Autumn Jennings, junior Austin Sewell, and junior Karla Penate placed first in Buying and Merchandising Research Project and senior Cassie Delaughter and junior Brittin Patton earned second. These students had to research a current business’s website. They must then identify problems in the website and create a plan to improve it. They will then put this idea into a 15-30 page paper and visual aids. They will have a total of 15-minutes to present their plan to the judge.

Junior Tyler Gibson and junior Preston Reed placed second in Entrepreneurship Innovation Project. The team composed a five page business proposal about a product of they created which was a modern day shovel. In 15-minutes, their goal is to convince the judge to invest in their product.

“I did it last year and I also went to state. It was really good to compete and go to state again,” Penate said. “Competition at state, I know it’s going to be really hard. We all hope to make it to nationals.”