Bailey speaks to theater boosters


Photo by Josh Rostek

The theater department will be searching for a new director after the resignation of Micah McBay.

Story by Taylor Potter, Co-editor in chief

Principal Brad Bailey spoke to the Tiger Theater Company Booster Club Tuesday regarding the resignation of director Micah McBay. The school board accepted his resignation during its meeting later that night.

“We are moving forward with the program,” Bailey said during the booster club meeting. “We’re not going to deal with rumors or gossip or anything along those lines. We’ve handled what we need to handle as a school district, and personnel issues cannot be discussed. We have several things we’re working on at this point to make our program go forward, and we’re looking to the future.”

 Bailey announced that they will post a position for a long-term substitute with a theater background this week. The responsibilities of the position will depend on the depth of experience.

“I feel like we’ll have some good candidates,” Bailey said. “The main reason is we want to get someone who’s experienced in theater and that can keep our theater program going. But we’re going to look for someone overall that can take our theater program to another level We’re going to evaluate the program and evaluate their skills to make sure they are the best fit for Texas High Theater.”

The district will seek to hire a full-time theater director once the holidays are over.

“We will be actively pursuing a candidate who will be top quality with good character, who treats our kids right and has experience producing plays,” Bailey said.

 In his meeting with the theater boosters, Bailey recognized English teacher Jenny Walker as being the new One Act Play director. Walker held the position at Redwater for five years and advanced in four of those years.

 “I’m so excited about this falling into my lap because I struggled with leaving theater last year,” Walker said to the boosters. “Sometimes things just work out the way that they’re supposed to.”

 Other theater productions, such as Tigers Got Talent and Scenefest, may be put on hold until after OAP.

 “We will see the structure of One Act Play and see how we’re doing because I really don’t want to disrupt One Act Play,” Bailey said. “If we can do an event within that time frame, then we’ll see if we can do one. If not, we’ll just wait until the end of One Act Play, maybe do Tigers Got Talent on the back end once the students have finished competing.”

 To ease the stress of the transition on the students, Bailey wants to remind theater participants that they have his support.

 “Our students have worked so hard with the production of the ‘Music Man,’ and I am very proud of them all,”  Bailey said. “I want to keep them informed on the situation. I’ve been to most of the ‘Music Man’ rehearsals and met with the booster club to let them know that we’re here to help them.”