Second club week this week

Presidents’ Council running new, interactive idea to promote involvement

Story by Amanda Hackleman, viewpoint editor

The second club week will be in the cafeteria this week. It has become a regular part of the school’s few opening weeks. Usually held within the the first three weeks of the new school year, the week is dedicated to recruiting new students into the clubs the school offers. The cafeteria walls are lined with colorful booths meant to catch the eye and encourage students to approach the representatives sitting behind the displays.


However, many students do not show much of an interest in the various organizations who set up booths. Many don’t find all the flare interesting enough to consider joining.


“They’re really boring,” junior Kinzy Smithson said. “All you do is sign your name on a piece of paper and that’s it. I think they need to improve club drives.”


This year, the school has decided to host a second club week, with a few more interactive features. Booths will be set up with workshops for the students to get a little taste of what to expect from the clubs they might be considering.


“We talked about it in the Presidents’ Council meetings we have,” student council president Ben Norton said. “There was some discussion about how we weren’t so sure the first one was successful because it’s one of the earlier weeks in the school year, especially for the freshman who are the main targets for the clubs. So, we wondered if, second semester, if we had another club drive week the first few weeks people would be more likely to notice it. The clubs would be more prepared because they have more advanced notice of it and are actually in school to work on it better.”