A visit from D.C.

Story by Brad Lennaway, staff writer

On Feb. 20, Texas High had an encounter of a different kind. For the first time, D.C. came to through the United States Navy Band. Not only did the attendees get a fabulous, free show, but the students of our band were introduced into the music culture of our Navy. Currently, the Navy band is on a national tour, visiting a wide array of schools, inspiring hundreds of talented students.

“I thought that the band was really good,” sophomore Madison Stewart said. “I wasn’t expecting them to play the music they did; I was expecting them to play a lot of marches, but they actually played contemporary songs like ‘Wicked.’”

From Les Miserables to John Philip Sousa, the band played it all. Not only were there classic arrangements such as the six movements of “Carmen Suite,” but there were also more traditional movements such as “Anchors Away” and other famous  pieces created by our military.

“The music was really interesting,” junior Raven Morris said. “They performed a really good variety of music, and I really enjoyed the marches they played.”

In accordance with a good performance, this band also shed light into an alternative music career.

“It would really be cool to be a part of the band,” junior Nick Rose said. “My brother was in the Navy and was actually chosen a few times to join the band. So if I were to go into the band, it would be the Navy band.”

However, not everyone necessarily agreed. Even though the band was sublime in every aspect, the idea of actually joining the military can be scary.

“It was a really good band. They were well prepared, and they really inspired me with music by their professionalism,” said Morris. “But because of the idea of going through boot camp, I decided that I would probably not join the band.”

Even though some students are not exactly sure about joining, they were lucky enough to get to experience being with the band. As a part of their national tour, the band allows various band students of different schools to join the performance.

“Playing for the Navy band was definitely a highlight for this year after being drum major,” senior Madison Norton said. “The experience was amazing and so much fun.”