Spittin’ the annual seeds

Watermelon supper kicks off school year


Sophomore Grace Hickey dives into a slice of watermelon during the annual Watermelon Supper Aug. 23

Story by Caroline Purtle, online editor in chief

August 23, a time of Tiger recognition and sticky-sweet fingers, marked the beginning of the school year with the annual Watermelon Supper.

With a turnout that was more than impressive, the supper imprinted the audience in an unparalleled way.

“There was a lot more enthusiasm and Tiger Pride this year than last year,” sophomore Chase Watkins said.

The stocked bleachers riveted with applause and chants, but none of the energy would have been possible without the band, which provided uncontrollable energy.

“The supper has always been a great kick off for the school year,” senior Keely Johnson said. “I love my Tiger band family.”

Some patrons have attended the festival since they were little, and others just marked their first appearance.

“I’d never been to Texas High’s Watermelon Supper before, but I went to Pleasant Grove’s,” freshman Sophie Lower said. “Texas High was way better.”

Freshmen were enthralled with the tradition, while the seniors held onto memories of the past shows.

“It was truly a bittersweet performance,” Johnson said. “Thinking about this being my last year and not performing in next year’s supper with my band family makes me sad for that part of my life to end but excited for the future.”

Other seniors gripped the commotion of the feeding frenzy rather than the wild crowd.

“I will never forget the big slices of watermelon,” senior Sidney Rogers said. “We always contemplate throwing it at someone but always decide it’s just better to eat it and not waste it.”

Though the melons were irresistible, the supper added the missing link from the summer-disconnected students.

“It’s important because it gets the community excited for football season and helps build a bond between the band, cheer, football, drill team and the student body,” Watkins said.

Of course the Watermelon Supper isn’t perfect. There are always the downsides.

“My least favorite part of the supper is leaving with sticky fingers from the watermelon,” Johnson said. “No matter how many napkins I get, I always end up leaving a mess.”