A queen to be

12 senior girls will be presented tonight with a pep-rally following

Story by Anna Graves, co-news editor

It’s the talk of the school. Homecoming is just around the corner, and the question on everyone’s mind is: who is going to be queen? Tonight at 7-8:30 p.m. the annual Homecoming court presentation will be held in the Performing Arts Center to the public.

During the pep-rally on Sept. 19, 12 lucky senior girls were pulled out of the crowd and handed their rose. They all gathered on the court, shouting endless “congratulations” to each other, realizing they all had been elected to be on Homecoming court. Now seniors Maggie Coleman, Katherine Doan, Chanell Hayes, Madeline Hunley, Autumn Jester, Bailey McBride, Faith Rhone, Caroline Thomas, Chandler Thomas, Jalissa Trotter, Caroline White and Rachel White are all rushing to find their long dress for Monday night’s Presentation of Homecoming Court Ceremony.

“All 12 who made the court are fabulous girls. I am very happy for them,” StuCo adviser Susan Waldrep said. “Of course there are a lot of the girls who were not on the ballot and a lot of girls who didn’t make the court who were very deserving. I could’ve probably picked 50 girls out of this senior class to have been on court, and that would’ve been great. But I thought it was a great turn out. We had a lot of people who voted.”

Girls from various activity areas of the school are included in the court. Each girl is excited for this experience and happy that they get to share it with such a vast group.

“It feels amazing to be on court because I never expected it,” senior Chandler Thomas said. “I know it is a great honor. The girls on court are so diverse and sweet. I think the student body did a great job with who they chose to represent Texas High.”

For senior twins Caroline and Rachel White, being on court together makes this opportunity more cherishable for the two of them.

“Being on court with Caroline makes being on court even more amazing,” Rachel said. “I’m so glad that we both get to share this experience together. She is my best friend, and there’s no one else I’d rather have by my side on court.”

With Homecoming creeping up quickly, Leadership classes are rushing to prepare for the Presentation, and trying to make it a special event for the girls on court and the entire student body.

“Presentation is going to be very similar to the way we did it last year,” Waldrep said. “Everyone will be able to see the girls in their dresses escorted by the football players before they actually vote on Wednesday. I think that helps people to see the girls and listen to their activities. Also [students] will be more educated on their voting. We also have the pep rally afterwards to have some fun.”

On Monday night, the girls will zip up their dresses, slip on their heels, grab their mums and their escorts, and get ready to be presented on the stage of the Sullivan Performing Arts Center.

“Part of me is a little nervous, but at the same time I can’t wait,” Rachel said. “I know the experience will be really memorable and cherish-able. I’m really looking forward to the presentation with all of the girls and escorts and the traditions that come with it.”

Be sure to come and support the girls tonight, and don’t miss the outside pep rally following the presentation.