Community Cafe connects the city


Ashley Tyson

Texas High cheer girls begin to toss salad and load plates for Community Cafe at Williams Memorial Church

Story by Anneliese Hounsel, staff writer

A prayer is said, stomachs are filled, and hearts are changed. Every Monday night at Williams Memorial United Methodist Church a group of volunteers come together to prepare dinner for a crowd close to 100-150 people.

Photo by Ashley Tyson

“When you really care about another person, it shows. When you see someone in need, you should do something about it,”Susan Waldrep said. “Community Cafe is an opportunity to allow those recognitions [to] play out.”

Williams Memorial has been doing Community Cafe for three years. Mrs. Waldrep alongside her daughter Courtney Waldrep, have been eager to have Texas High’s student council, leadership and cheer squads help them and the working church staff make sure these evenings go smoothly.

“It’s a great experience,” senior Gage Martin said. “It comes across shell shocking to some whether it’s by bagging groceries or serving the people who come in for a meal.” Whether it’s helping  prepare dinner, while the others work in the kid’s zone, or visiting with those who are waiting for dinner to be served, this experience gives a whole new outlook on life to the high schoolers. Community Cafe offers more opportunities than just volunteer hours.

“My goal, and I hope it gets accomplished in the students,[is] to show that anybody can have a bad time,” Waldrep said.It’s in those times when you are in need that people say ‘Here let me help you.’ that truly make a big difference.”